Mai 3, 2019 Aus Von Barbara Dillhardt
Rasse/Breed: Mischling/Mix (ca. 20 kg)
Geschlecht/Gender: männlich/male
Geburtsjahr/Year of birth: Anfang/beginning 2018
Größe/Size: mittelgroß/medium
Aktueller Standort/Current location: Mazedonien/Macedonia

Ogi was saved in February 2019 when he was hit by a car and left paralyzed for one month. He had broken pelvis and injured spine and that cause him some permanent issues.
As you can see he can’t walk properly with his back legs. He walks like a duck. Even though he receives therapy and massage every day the legs won’t improve and get better. His condition is permanent.
Ogi is a young boy he likes to play,cuddle the only thing he is missing at the moment is a loving home.


Ogi is currently in foster home in Macedonia.

Type of home sought:

Ogi would be perfect if he gets adopted in a house with a garden since he enjoys there. It would be great if the house doesn’t have many stairs.

Good with dogs: Yes ( but he likes to dominate males sometimes)
Good with cats: haven’t tried
Suitable for families: YesSpecial Ogi for special family❤– 11-12 months old, very friendly to everybody, people, dogs.
Besides he is in this condition Ogi manage to walk (not so properly, he more have issues with running) He needs someone who will give all their attention to him and help him with his therapy (exercises, massages).

If you are interested in adopting Ogi, we can arrange transport to other countries . At this moment he is in Ohrid, Macedonia (Europe)
Please fall in love with him!😍

Ogi is for adoption! 💕💕💕





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